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I assist fast moving startups by getting their marketing/content initiatives off the ground in the most efficient, effective way possible. When companies need to build a foundation for growth, yet don't have the resources or workload for a in-office marketing hire, I am a great alternative. With over 10 years of diverse experience there's almost nothing I can't get done: Lead Generation, Funnel Optimization, Copy writing, Blogging, Social Media Management, Product Launch Marketing, Online Press Distribution and more!
I remain extremely affordable by keeping my overhead very low. I do all my own work, and I don't have a paid office or staff. I am only available to a maximum of 3 clients at a time so as to make sure you get enough of me for your money. I stay available 24/7 on Skype and email to clients and my avg. email response time is 11 mins.
I work directly with early stage startup founders to help them achieve their growth goals, be it building a social media community, starting their content marketing initiatives or launching their product with big press exposure. I'm looking for new exciting and challenging remote startup marketing opportunities. If you have an awesome product and you want to get it in front of more people, email me below! You can also scroll down to see/read more about mean what I do!

Consulting Services I Offer

I hate to use the term "swiss army knife of marketing"...but there's really no better way to describe my super-diverse background. Here are some key consulting services I'm passionate about offering to startups:

Social Media Management/Optimization

Product Launch Marketing

Bootstrapped Marketing Strategy

User Acquisition Management

Digital Strategy Advice

Press Release Writing

SEO Strategy Consulting

Marketing Team Development<br>

Expert Copywriting: Blogs, Articles etc.<br>

Content Writing/ Distribution&nbsp;

PPC Management

Why work with me?

Simple. I've worked with startups for over 10 years both in house and as a consultant but also at my own agencies. I know what it takes to get it done, no matter what the challenge and I have the experience to move quickly and without a learning curve to get us there. I also have a global network of contacts for services ranging from web design to translations and even app development. I am true a one stop shop for your startup's needs.

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Freelance Consulting Work

Digital Strategy Consultant

Full stack marketing consulting: Defining the overall marketing strategy, writing and distributing press releases, content creation, setting up and building social media communities, compiling market research, optimizing campaigns, analyzing traffic data, launching and optimizing SEO, PPC, Banner, Mobile, Email Marketing campaigns..I even offer simple phone strategy consulting by the hour. Some notable

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Marketing Director

OLSET (a 500 Startups Batch 7 Company) is a Big Data travel technology provider that develops tools to enable travel booking sites and travel management companies to better understand their customers travel preferences and therefore serve them more intelligent, time saving, personalized results. I've spent the last 2 years building the entire MarComms for the company from branding to User Acquisition. I handle creating awareness and education about the company's products, identifying a customer-base and optimizing lead generation channels for the biz dev team. I have positioned the CEO as a leading industry expert through event partnerships, getting him speaking engagements, and tons of content marketing from blogs and podcasts to even whitepapers and market research reports.Also conceptualized the branding, launch, content marketing and user acquisition for the companies Mobile App:

0 Current (The Middle East's Yelp)

Marketing Director

YaDig was the Middle East's local reviewing site with thousands of daily users logging on to search, find and review the local businesses around them. Businesses used YaDig to engage with their past and future customers in a public forum. I left the company after a year and half, after taking the site to 300k monthly uniques, due to funding and product issues and the company eventually closed up shop. -Joined Founder at ground level with original site and minimal traffic.-Started by rebranding, aligning goals and fixing user experience.-Launched over 75 different advertising campaigns from PPC, Banner, Email, SEO, Events etc.-Saw 300% growth in traffic and engagement in the first 6 months. -Was the leading reviewing portal in the region with a 15 person team and 300,000 visitors a month.-The SEO was so strong that nearly 90% of traffic was organic. Had 1st page ranking for nearly every business in the Middle East.

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International User Acquisition Manager

I was the first marketing person brought on to expand (the Middle East's first daily deal site) and was very successful in growing the traffic through strategic online campaigns. That growth and visibility led to an acquisition by LivingSocial in June 2011. I then managed 100% of the LivingSocial ad budget across the region and saw an amazingly low CPAs which helped the company expand rapidly. We pushed the limits on seriously analyzing payback periods and the quality of each traffic source's subscribers. I was in charge of maximizing ROI through all of the company's advertising spend across various platforms. I successfully attained the lowest CPAs globally for the company but the LTV numbers from the U.S didn't hold true in the relatively new Ecommerce environment in Dubai. LivingSocial pulled budgets and left the region 9 months later due to low retention numbers.

01 / 2011 01 / 2012

Digital Marketing Middle East Institute


DM3 Institute is a leading accredited institute for marketing diplomas. I lectured specifically on PPC and SEM to professional students from corporations and startups who wanted to learn directly from leading experts in the Middle East.

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Marketing Manager (The First Ever)

I was hired at Dubizzle as the company began to launch in new markets. I conceived, strategized, executed and managed marketing campaigns across multiple online platforms, and several offline methods as well. I created and managed the company's PPC campaigns, managed the SEO team, ran all the social media and set up all the company's partnerships. I also created and instituted the Expansion Marketing plan for the company's launch in 15 new cities in 3 languages.My first project was Abu Dhabi which saw a 400% growth in traffic in my first year, 10x faster than Dubai had ever grown prior to my joining. After that we launched internationally which led to an acquisitions from Naspers in South Africa.

01 / 2007 01 / 2008

Vallarta Adventures

Head of Online

VA is one of the largest tourism agencies in Mexico. I helped the owner build, develop and maintain an Online Advertising Department and initiatives spanning multiple platforms and different disciplines. I managed the international PPC campaigns on Google, MSN and Yahoo, handled all SEO strategy, all the Social Media and also instituted new practices for customer retention and guerilla online marketing as well. Online Sales went up over 1000 percent in 9 months.

Some recent work:

I have tons of examples of marketing initiatives from PPC campaigns I've launched to multinational giveaway competitions encompassing 40+ partners. Below are some of the most recent Content Marketing initiatives I've launched:

I Write Press Releases like this..

Heres a link to an example press release I wrote and distributed online to 400+ reporters, hosts, writers etc. I've written dozens like this.

I write blogs like this...

I have been blogging professionally for 5 years. Here are some recent examples of blogs I write.

I research & write reports like this....

This is a Whitepaper I researched, wrote and distributed globally myself for a travel industry client.

I create & host podcasts like this....

Heres a link to a podcast I started and hosted for the launch of an app focused on Business Travel.

Recent Recommendations

Read what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

"Andrew is a wizard. I am able to focus on improving my product and he handles everything from our social media to my giveaway competitions and even cold emails new leads for us. We love him. NO ONE RESPONDS TO EMAILS FASTER THAN ANDREW!"

Itai Argaman

CEO of

"Andrew is by far the best when it comes to social media and digital marketing! I had the pleasure to work for and with him at YaDig; he is enthusiastic and professional in operating and directing the business "ship" in which we were all our own captains of. He showed me how much he cared about the company by his "family" approach in teamwork and how each of us in the company, no matter what position they were in, had a voice and were all able to be heard. I cannot say enough about this guy; he is a extremely energetic person to work with and is thorough in his research which makes him on point at all times. I have to admit that whatever business he touches, turns to gold! He is definitely a person I will always have faith in."

Adam Skutt

Director of Business Development:

"Andrew is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Andrew is your man! He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. I highly recommend him."

Bassem El-Bogdaddy

Marketing Manager:

"Andrew's energy and passion for digital marketing is breath taking. His intricate understanding of online media and his technical know-how is helping drive Dubizzle's expansion across the Middle East region A privilege to have him as a colleague."

Richard Pakenham

Sales Director:

"Andrew is an extremely conscientious and energetic individual with a huge passion and commitment to his work. His unquestionable marketing skills have been a huge asset to dubizzle as we enter into 15 new cities, of which Andrew is managing the strategy for this period of growth. He is continuously thinking of new and innovative ways to market dubizzle and definitely has his finger on the pulse of internet marketing, and is actually way ahead of any or our competitors in these regards."

Nathalie Spree

HR Director:

"I'm too busy with interviews and dealing with artists to worry about growing my facebook page, the traffic of my website and press releases. I love the fact that I can trust Andrew to crush it on his own with little time investment from me and he consistently impresses."

Jon Berrien

CEO of


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